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Terms & Conditions

This is the terms and conditions page for the client’s who are giving their projects to us regarding website development or any other services being provided by us:

1. All work done by us will only be done after we have sent you the agreement for the same.

2. We take 40% of the total amount as advance before the start of work.

3. We are not responsible for loss of money, if you paid to any employee’s personal account instead of paying into company’s account.

4. All the website is primarily developed on WordPress Platform by default. If on client’s agreement, a defined platform is not mentioned, it will be considered as WordPress itself.

5. In case if website is needed on a different platform, the client needs to request the same and company will mention the same into the agreement.

6. Company reserves the rights to put the site down from server, in case if any payment installment is not made by the client.

7. In case if a issue arises, client needs to email us on

8. Till the time issue is not resolved, the client’s work will be on hold and the loss of time is client’s own responsibility.

9. Our business working our are 11 Am to 7 Pm IST from Monday to Friday.

10. The usual time frame limit for delivering the work for normal projects are 14-21 business days which can sometime extend upto 22-45 business days, if company is packed up with work.

11. Handling semi-technical sites, it’s development and building and finalization can take 60-90 business days and highly technical websites where algorithms and such typical coding’s are integrated, can even take 90-150 days.

12. If client needs the work on urgent basis, the same needs to be stated by them and will be written in the agreement too, otherwise it will be considered as a normal work with normal delivery time as stated in Point Number 10 and 11.

13. In case of refunds, the company will go thru the whole case and then only make the final decision.

14. There can be no refund claims made, in terms of delay of work and hence refunds are only processed if there is some major fault made by company.

15. Reply to any email can take up to minimum 48-72 business hours.

16. In case of refunds, it takes about 4-12 weeks to process the refunds excluding the number of days used to finalized that refund has to be issued or not and refunds will always be given into that same account only from where payment was received.

17. With all websites, free hosting & maintenance period given is 6-Months by default, which is counted from the date when development of your website is started.

18. The renewal period for both will also be Per-6-Months Basis and cost of maintenance renewal is 30% of Website’s Total Cost as per Agreement given before start of work.

19. The renewal of hosting varies from Rs.3000/- INR to Rs.7000/- INR depending upon server on which your website is hosted.

20. For hosting & maintenance, neither the client nor the company can force each other to renew anything / work further with each other.

21. Cases where client in anger makes any fake allegation against the company on behalf of no proof’s, company reserves the right to terminate the client’s work and process no refund to them, as per company’s act proposed by Government of India, any soft of fake allegation will not be entertained.

22. We don’t take work from any agency or subsidiaries and hence if we ever find that work was given by you but you was an Intermediate and gave us your client’s project and it was not your own project then we will immediate terminate the work and no refunds will be processed.

23. In case of non-payments / delayed payments for a very long time i.e. more than 3-months since date of delivery, you can be penalized too on basis of 10% Per Month Basis and the percentage of amount to be calculated on basis of amount which is due or delayed.

24. In case if a client stops responding to us or refuses to pay, we can shut their website with immediate effect and such websites will be brought back live only after all remaining payments are done and we can also take mandatory legal actions as well as other minor actions too that results to negative reputation to your business among your customers.

Last updated on: 01.11.2019.
Note: Company reserves the rights to make changes to Terms & Conditions anytime without giving a prior notice to anyone. Any work signed before the change of terms and conditions will be considered on old terms only.